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    We specialize in providing "New Iron" (Mainframe) services and staff augmentation, plus a whole lot more...

New Iron Solutions is an IT technical services company located in Algonquin, Illinois and serving all of North America. Founded in 2000, New Iron Solutions has grown based on our integrity and long term client relationships. Our Continuing Mission: To help companies grow by putting the right people in the right positions in areas of IT that are often overlooked and/or underserved. Many of the clients we have today are the same ones we worked with when we first opened our doors 19 years ago.

Our growth has occurred due to the extensive mainframe computer services and solutions we offer. Our core New Iron Solutions are Mainframe support and IT staffing, an outsourcing strategy which is used to staff a project by evaluating the existing staff and then determining which additional skillsets are required.

How can we help?

IBM MainframeThink of your systems programmers as first responders. When a call comes in, they “put out the fire” as quickly as possible.

In most mainframe environments, this is what your Systems Programmer is doing. They are monitoring the system, applying the appropriate patches to the system, upgrading security and verifying there is no trouble.  You may not need them for a full 40 hours a week, but you can sleep at night knowing they are available if you need them.

You have a skilled Z/OS systems programmer that is covering DB2 or CICS. They do a great job, but when something goes wrong, they burn a significant amount of time working out the issue that is outside of their primary skillset.  That’s when you may need to add hours, pay overtime, or call us and ask about our IT staffing services.

One CIO summed up the issue with his mainframe administrators by stating, “If they aren’t working on a problem or upgrades, then I really have no idea what they’re doing. I’d love to reduce my staff levels but I need to have people available because, one way or another, when my systems are having problems, I need somebody to respond”.

Now you have a choice, while staying on budget.

We are your first responders in case of an IT or Mainframe emergency, but don’t wait for that disaster to occur before realizing you need help.  A large part of our job is to maintain your equipment, check that your security is solid, verify that all patches have been deployed, implement new programs for you and much more. In the event of an unexpected emergency, the more familiar we are with your system, the quicker we can mitigate its impact.

Let us put together a plan for you… How can we help augment your IT department? Be it a project, ongoing maintenance, or a full scale mainframe migration, New Iron Solutions is your partner in putting the right IT people in the right positions at the right time.

New Iron Solutions is a fully licensed and insured woman-owned Illinois Corporation and is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

If you have a need or a question, or just want to know more about New Iron Solutions, call 1-844-388-IRON (4766) or complete our online contact form below and we will quickly respond to your inquiry.

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