How Mainframe Technology Supports Modern Business Demands

Mainframe Technology SupportIn both the business and tech world, the mainframe is sometimes misrepresented as antiquated and non-functional. Yet modern society owes big iron a great deal of gratitude. Behind every new bank, university, medical center, etc., is a mainframe or mainframe data center.

Today’s mainframe computers do not exist apart from modern technology – they complement it. New tools and software are constantly being designed to work directly with mainframe computers.

Some of the ways that mainframes support the needs of modern businesses include:

  • Bridging the age gap: A successful business requires a competent and cooperative workforce. By combining brute processing strength with modern innovations, the mainframe bridges the age gap between senior workers and new recruits. The task of modernizing big iron encourages knowledge transfer between older and younger workers, increases productivity, and is integral to the continued success of any business.
  • Encouraging application innovations: Existing mainframes can be updated and even connected to mobile and cloud based networks. As a result, new and innovative software is routinely being developed to make management and control over mainframes as easy as possible. Updating mainframes to function seamlessly with web-based architecture will ultimately lower costs and reduce risks.
  • Ensuring data is secure: Mainframes such as IBM’s z14 computer use built-in pervasive encryption technology. For further security, you can complement this existing system with multi-factor authentication, or other solutions that combine back-end, cloud, and social data.
  • Ensuring connectivity remains uncompromised: Today’s businesses need to stay one step ahead of the competition. In order to do that, you need to stay connected. Modern mainframes are part of a digital ecosystem where integration and connectivity, is seamless. Today’s big iron is flexible enough to run operations in virtualized servers as well as hybrid IT environments.
  • Remaining relevant and adaptable: The mainframe needs to be able to grow and evolve with your company, as well as technology. Multiplatform approaches like DevOps encourages collaboration and helps mainframes remain relevant in the age of rapid application delivery.

The mainframe is the foundation upon which modern society rests. Creating a new foundation is an impractical and futile endeavor. You can reduce cost and data loss risks by modernizing your existing mainframe infrastructure. Consult with an experienced mainframe management service for more information about how to ensure your big iron is up to speed with today’s rigorous demands.

The key is people

Mainframe technology is helping to meet the computing challenges of both today and tomorrow. The key to taking full advantage of that technology is to have the mainframe supported with the right people with the right skill sets. At New Iron Solutions, we can assist you in keeping your mainframe up and running smoothly with full-time, short-term or part-time support. Contact us online today or call 1-844-388-IRON (4766).