It’s Makeover Time for the Mainframe

Mainframe Technology ImprovementsYou’ve probably seen a primitive mainframe computer in an old science fiction movie. Most likely, it had flashing lights, spinning tapes, shiny dials, and filled a vast, echoing room. It also probably ran amok at some point during the film and tried to take over the world. These things happen – at least in old movies.

In real life, mainframe technology is the safest and most secure form of computing you can find. That’s why big iron still rules in sectors like government, banking, insurance, transportation, healthcare, and more. And, although mainframe computers never took over the world, they help to keep it spinning by processing massive quantities of data every second.

Which doesn’t mean that mainframe technology is carved in stone. What’s wrong with making something great even better?  Sometimes a little makeover is exactly what you need to keep up to date.

It’s also what you need to keep up in general – especially when faced with the growing volume and variety of transactions. According to Phil Guido, IBM’s GM for GTS Infrastructure, “Nearly 80 percent of all enterprise data is managed on the mainframe.”

Older technology, meet newer demand. So what’s the answer?  A wide range of companies are working to come up with solutions that support using mainframes in today’s software environment:

  • CompuWare has a DevOps solution called Topaz that’s designed to help development and QA teams quickly get up to speed with mainframes. Plus, they’re offering an artificial intelligence and machine learning solution called zAdviser, which “enables modern mainframe leaders to track, measure and improve development velocity, quality and efficiency.”
  • CA Technologies is working with IBM to help modernize mainframe technology. This partnership recently produced BrightSide, an enterprise DevOps solution that brings modern DevOps frameworks and toolchains to the mainframe.
  • BMC has announced a range of automated mainframe intelligence solutions that support machine learning and practice analytics. These can help enterprises optimize their mainframe operations and processes.
  • IBM continues to evolve mainframe hardware and software technology. Tools such as Linux, Db2, z/OS, and COBOL receive updates on a regular basis.

In addition, many organizations are now using the mainframe and the cloud in tandem to take full advantage of what each technology platform has to offer.

Mainframes will continue to evolve, just as they have since their introduction back in the 1950’s. The only real stumbling block is the shortage of qualified people who know how to take full advantage of mainframe processing power.

The answer for today and tomorrow

Evolving mainframe technology can meet the computing challenges of both today and tomorrow. The key to taking full advantage of that technology is training and hiring the right people. At New Iron Solutions, we support all of your long- and short-term mainframe computer staffing needs. Contact us online today or call 1-844-388-IRON (4766).