Mainframes: An Old Friend in a New Era

The Mainframe is Here to StayTrue or false: mainframe computers and technology are a dusty relic of the past. That’s an easy question to answer, right?  Everyone knows that mainframes are yesterday’s news. Today it’s all about the cloud. In the 21st century, big iron has no more value than scrap iron.

Except that the correct answer to the question is false. Rather than going the way of the triceratops, brontosaurus, and pterodactyl – not the mention the velociraptor – mainframe computers are here to stay. Here’s some quick proof:

  • Mobile users complete around 37 transactions every day – and more than 90 percent of their applications interact with a mainframe. Think about it. Every time you and millions of other people process a credit card payment or make an airline reservation, there’s a mainframe in the loop. And the more mobile you are, the truer that gets. Each of your transactions results in somewhere between 300 and 5,000 mainframe interactions.
  • A recent Compuware study showed that 18 out of 19 sectors of industry relying on mainframes averaged more income per dollar of their IT infrastructure cost than peers who rely on commodity servers. And those that relied on mainframes averaged 35 percent lower IT infrastructure costs. In other words, we’re talking about major ROI from a supposedly minor technology.

Of course, the myth that mainframes are a legacy technology is just that – a myth. The truth is that mainframes remain in heavy use because they are the only kind of hardware that can handle the huge transaction volumes common in so many modern industries. Let’s take a look at some of those industries:

  • Banking: Who processes more transactions that the banking industry? ATM withdrawals, credit card purchases, and online account access are just a few of the countless daily banking transactions. Mainframes support this activity on a scale beyond that possible with commodity servers.
  • Healthcare: Data is king in the health industry – but only if it’s safe and secure. Mainframes offer the reliable, secure platform needed to store and process huge amounts of medical, insurance, and financial data.
  • Government: Need to analyze tax information for millions upon millions of people? How about running the National Weather Service and other agencies? Mainframes are still the way to efficiently and effectively process all of that information.
  • Insurance: Data is the lifeblood of the insurance industry. How else could insurers assess risk, establish pricing, and make the right investments? Mainframes support such activity on a massive scale.
  • Retail: Traditional retail establishments have long benefited from the ability of mainframes to process enormous volumes of transactions. Today’s online retailers also benefit from the processing, storage, and data analysis capabilities of mainframes.

Mainframes are not just yesterday’s news – they are also tomorrow’s. But you can’t take full advantage of their capabilities without informed staff.

New Iron Solutions – the answer to your mainframe staffing issues

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