Mainframes and Digital Transformation

Mainframes and Digital TransformationDigital transformation involves the integration of modern digital technology into all aspects of your business. The goal is a profound enhancement to your operating efficiencies, processes, competencies, and bottom line.

In other words, digital transformation helps your business run faster, better, and cheaper. What role could legacy mainframe technology possibly play in this effort?  Mainframes are yesterday’s news, right?  Why use an old workhorse to plow your field when you can use a brand new tractor?

The truth is that mainframes can play a surprising role in rapid digital innovation. Here are some reasons why:

  • Interconnectivity: The key to successful digital transformation is technology interconnectivity. Mainframes offer a wide range of opportunities to connect with other tools. Because you can build applications on top of a reliable, established backbone, mainframe technology supports the rapid, efficient implementation of cognitive computing apps that help power mobility and web-based processes.
  • Stability: New technologies can become rapidly outdated but mainframe technology is not subject to this rapid cycle of change. That’s why mainframes can support everything from yesterday’s data centers to today’s distributed devices. At the same time, mainframe architecture is continuously evolving and improving. So, if you’re developing applications and hunting for unequalled power, reliability, and scalability, doesn’t it make sense to take advantage of your own current technology infrastructure?
  • New Integration solutions: In the past, it was much harder to integrate mainframes because doing so required complex coding solutions. But today’s integration solutions use a simple drag-and-drop approach so there’s no need for costly manual coding. Instead, you can take advantage of new APIs that help open the mainframe platform to the rest of the digital world. With a mainframe-connected API, it’s easier than ever before to access the vast amount of information stored by Big Iron.

When it comes to digital transformation, mainframes should not be viewed as legacy technology. Rather, mainframe technology is a trusted base for ongoing digital innovation. Once you integrate mainframe power, reliability, and security with current, cutting-edge development platforms, you can achieve true digital transformation.

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