NetBackup Solutions

Is your NetBackup environment healthy? Are you routinely backing up everything that needs to be backed up in your infrastructure? Is your data readily available if you have an outage or a disaster? Can the data be retrieved within the response window? These questions can plague IT managers and directors and keep them awake at night.  Even a short outage can cost your company clients, revenue and trust in the industry.

Storage responsibilities are often “pushed off” to a Unix/Windows administrator to monitor and maintain the NetBackup environment. Frequently, the person assigned this responsibility does not know or understand the intricacies of NBU (NetBackup).

Our NBU staff lives and breathes NBU and understands the finer details about how to properly set up, upgrade, maintain, optimize and verify that you are getting the most out of your backup investment. We can help alleviate your fears with a comprehensive assessment of your NetBackup environment.

It’s easy to take for granted that your backup solution is always working in the background, so don’t find out the hard way that your data hasn’t been backed up recently and/or unavailable when you really need it. Call us today and put your mind at ease.

For more information or to ask about our free mini-assessment of your NetBackup environment, contact us at 847-854-9120 or email sales[@]

We are highly experienced in the following NetBackup solutions:

  • Full or Part-time NetBackup staffing
  • NetBackup project work/upgrades/remediation
  • SAN (Storage area network)
  • Data Domain  (Data Deduplication software)
  • Avamar (Data Deduplication software)

For information about our NetBackup Solutions, call 1-844-388-IRON (4766)